A truly special night…

Posted by Laurie on 5th April 2011 in Testimonials

Hi Carlos and Laurie,

Please it was an honor to have you perform at our event. You and your band really made the evening that much more special. Since the fundraiser the three things people who were in attendance can not stop talking about is the food, the lighting AND THAT BAND! Believe me, to see families get up and dance before dinner was finished has never been seen before. They were really feeling the music. Monsignor Harriman and Father Landi sat in the pavilion for thirty minutes before the crowd came in to enjoy your music. Thank you again for making our event something magical.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to you, Laurie and your band for making our fundraiser a truly special night.

Jenn Dorantes

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  1. Juan Carlos Herrera says:

    Hola Papi, le felicito por su excelente trabajo, Dios le continue bendiciendo, estoy muy orgulloso de usted, siga adelante, te amo.

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  3. Catherine says:

    Carlos and his band truly are amazing!! They played for our rehearsal dinner at Markham and amazed everyone there! Months later we still have people asking about Carlos and where they could buy his CDs because they can’t stop thinking about how wonderful his music was! He truly blew us all away and made the night so fun!! I would recommend him to everyone!!!

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